If you use Adobe to read PDF files you are at risk for having your PC infected by a new unpatched security flaw in Adobe Reader Acrobat.

Adobe issued the advisory on Thursday that it's Reader and Acrobat software are vulnerable to this attack and it could allow the attacker to take control of your PC if you open an infected PDF file.

This applies to even the most recent version of Reader (Version 9). Adobe has said they will release a patch by March 11. Thanks for the sense of urgency Adobe!

Here's what the experts are recommending you do to avoid being infected:

1. Disable JavaScript in Adobe: Open up your Adobe Reader and Select "Edit," "Preferences," "JavaScript," and uncheck the box next to "Enable Acrobat JavaScript."

2. Be very careful opening any PDF's until Adobe releases a patch.

3. Update your anti-virus and overall PC Security. If you want to see a checklist of Free Security Programs to protect your PC then visit my Free PC Protection page.

If you'd like to verify this info you can learn more about it from Brian Krebs at the Washington Post in his Security Fix Blog at: